Terms of Service

Copyright Law: All photographic materials, including original and edited digital files, proofs and previews resulting from this photo shoot shall be the exclusive property of Rebecca Berra Photography LLC. Rebecca Berra Photography LLC shall own the copyright to all images created and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions.

Use of images: The client must purchase a license from Rebecca Berra Photography LLC, in order to print or use any of the images resulting from this photo session. The client shall not alter the images in any way, including but not limited to changing to black & white or sepia, altering color, tone, brightness, sharpness, applying filters or cropping out the watermark. If the photographer provides the client with watermarked digital images, via social media or other delivery, the client may share the digital content in its entirety, on any personal website (for example, Facebook, flickr, Instagram and other social or personal sites). The client shall not sell the digital or printed images. The client may not authorise the use of the images by any 3rd party, unless a commercial license is purchased.   

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